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Model: 203
It is handcrafted with love from lanes of banaras, threads of silk with touch of calm shining jewels these motifs of gold and silver evergreen & alluring like the diva herself...
Ex Tax:Rs.36,000
Model: 0206
Color is nature's music  when merged with a right one creates a piece worth keeping pair these stoles with your outfit and let the tassels sing for you  add the right amount of cheerfulness to your day with these effortless symphonies...
Ex Tax:Rs.1,780
Model: 140
A silhouette of soulful colors & a delicate touch celebrates a rich heritage left behind. woven with little embellishments here & there she walks through those forgotten lanes again seeking a revival of a drifting proficiency. this contemporary collection woven in soft cotton & affluent ..
Ex Tax:Rs.4,050
Model: 196
We aspire to keep it simple, much closer to how it all started, natural white cotton drawstring pant with striped border. orange, matka neck, 3 quarter sleeve doubled layer kurta in chanderi with blockprint. braided side panel and hand made tassel...
Ex Tax:Rs.2,500
Model: 0289
it's khadi cotton kurta like as candor of thoughts nurtures from a free mind, gets spun into a yarn of hop. find a gentle warmth in these kurta and sadri handspun in finest of khadi...
Ex Tax:Rs.0
Model: 171
Hues of blue scattered stirred with some red deepened with black & calmed with white create amalgamations so pleasing forming patterns with a vision find yourself spellbound with these amazing handblock printed ensemble today...
Ex Tax:Rs.4,100
Model: 112
Waves of blues, yellows and greens, silk yarns that bind the hues.. Together they create these masterpieces of fabrics, semi stiched Kurtas with dupattas of likes and wants...
Ex Tax:Rs.3,800
Model: 131
The mountain hears the winter coming, ready to sweep everyone off their feet with bundles of the wintry whisk it carries while the women knits the yarn singing soulful melodies in peace, filling it with a whooping warmth & love for the winters to see...
Ex Tax:Rs.2,000
Model: 168
The sun is pleasantly on the warmer side today letting of winters bit by bit a part of her is still holding onto the snuggly warms hugs but cannot wait to smell the summery breeze in these comfy cotton...
Ex Tax:Rs.3,000
Model: 154
In this saree threads over threads wrapped around a women tassels of flower buds about to bloom wind swinging their fragile petals handwoven in fine chanderi these saris carry her simply caressed with elegance...
Ex Tax:Rs.3,900
Model: 0250
Patience is a virtue, a virtue that blooms into most beautiful of flowers. On these hand-made bandhani silk dupattas, craftsmen of Kutch have tie-dyed patterns making uncountable knots one by one. These bud forms enclose within them, colors and when stretched, spread into a splendid flower bed...
Ex Tax:Rs.3,499
Model: 0267
Paint your inner self in colors of nature, pure and simple. hold onto its tassels and walk through every stripe, every shape wrapped in these natural colors. these stoles embrace Bhagru's ancient printing tradition and speak volumes about its culture and people...
Ex Tax:Rs.1,250
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